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Offer your attention, new production Fluid-anticondensate developed by Company«LN», in laboratory of liquid crystals.
Desulfurization of oil products. Desulfurization of coke chemistry products.

Dear Sirs, You are in the site of Limited Liability Company "Company LN".
The company`s field of activity is carrying out research and development and experimental and design works. Nowadays on the grounds of developed by us know-how, we offer Your attention high-technology output of our own production. Express You our gratitude for your interest, extended to our company.

Nowadays our company produces:

- Desulfurization of oil, gas and oil-products technology of catalytic desulfurization of hydrocarbonaceous feed stock;
- Heat-resistant enamel developed as a complex weather resistant and rust-preventive coating;
- High quality alternative petrol equivalent to European standards;
- Alternative diesel fuel in accordance with requirement of Ukrainian State Standard Specifications 3868-99 with reduced content of paraffine;
- Synthetical high-octane fuel mixture (SHOFM) (Draw Ñ3-Ñ10);
- Analogue of MTBE (high-octane additive compound to petrol);
- High-octane additive petrol compound - MME (monomethyl ether);
- Filter – throttle for storage facilities of flammable liquid, enabling to reduce losses in 20 times, raise life term of reservoirs, improve environmental situation;
- Filter for fluidic hydrocarbonaceous feed stock, that was superbly recommended for purifying clear oil products from mechanical contaminants and water;
- Alctive filter element - a new type filter, enabling by way of mechanical filtrating to section not only different in phase, but also uniformly compounds containing for account of physical properties of materials;
- Highly economic heating convector enabling to lower expenses of electric power (during the heating process) – more than in 2 times.

We are glad to see You as our company clients.
You are welcome, all concerned organizations
for long-term and mutually profitable cooperation.

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