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Offer your attention, new production Fluid-anticondensate developed by Company«LN», in laboratory of liquid crystals.
Desulfurization of oil products. Desulfurization of coke chemistry products.

Technology of oxidating extraction of sulfur containing compoundings from technological gases

Oxidating extraction of sulfur containing compoundings from technological gases

Technology of oxidating extraction of sulfur containing compoundings from technological gasesis based on catalytical oxidating of sulfur containing component in throughflow of gas fluids.

The method enables to move away sulphurous contaminants of natural gas, passing oil gas, manure gas, coke-oven gas and flue gas.

Depending on chemical analysis of clearing out gas developed a number of catalysts providing high selectivity and intensity of oxidating.

For example for cleaning of coke-oven gas from the technological scheme (rice 1 is fulfilled.) providing high extent of extraction of hydrogen sulfide:

technology of desulfurization of oil and gas

1. Block of oxidating catalysts;

2. Energy catalyst;

3. Circulatory pump;

4. Contact device;

5. Cooling jacket;

6. Arrangement of fluid makeup of jacket water;

7. Reset of sulfur bottom sediments.

Composition of source coke oven gas, %.

H2 - 60,0

O2 - 0,6

CH3 - 24,0

CnHn - 4,2

CO - 6,1

CO2 - 2,9

N2 - 2,2

In n/m3 is contained:

Benzol - 5.0 g/m3

naphthalene - 2.2 – 2.5 g/m3

H2S - 5.0 g/m3

Summary content of СО+Н2S after desulfarization:

Controlling component Regime 1 Regime 2 Regime 3
СО+Н2S, % mass 0,8 0,8 2,00
Including Н2S, % mass 0,021 0,0043 0,0056

The fulfilled technological scheme is applicable for direct-flow oxidation of smoke gases of containing SO2 with receiving sulfuric acid.

The main advantage of the technology is absence of valuable reagents – oxidant, necessary quantity of hydrogen dioxide runs directly in energy catalyst.

In cases of availability of mercaptan compositions in purifying gas is possible complex usage of liquid phase oxidating and technology of sweetening alike of purifying of light oil distillate.

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