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High octane additive compound for petrol – MME (monomethyl ether)

1. MME is a complex high octane additive compound enabling to produce from low-octanepetrol high octane ones by the way of mixing them or maximum reducing other high octane compound agents;
2. As a feed stock can be used commercial petrol, as well as petrol of oil straight distillation or gas-condensate (straight-run and petrol straight run);
3. Octane number of clear MME – 220 , consumption for 1 unit of octane number -1 – 1,2%;
4. Unlike such High Octane Additives as methyl t-butyl ether and N-methyl aniline, monomethyl ether does not have a boiling point, but effectively raises octane number of fuels in fractional interval from 35 till 195 °Ñ;
5. Fractional structure ; maximum approximate to structure of commercial petrol;
6. A number of stabilizers and homogenizers that provides high phase stability of the additive and fuels on its basis in a temperature range from - 40 to +50 °C is included in structure of monomethyl ether;
7. As a result of avalibility in its structure homogenizers is achieved an excellent compatibleness of additives with basic petrol under negative temperatures conditions, as well as high temperature conditions.
8. In the structure of MME is contained not more than 70 % of oxygenates , that enables to use in higher concentrations than MTBE (methyl t-butyl ether);.
9. MME perfectly combines and presents high octane numbers of combination with such High Octane Additives as: N-methyl aniline, MTBE, mix of the cleared aromatic hydrocarbons of gas of coking of coal,Standard, Íitec-3000, VKD.
10. Availibility in its structure of oxygenate enables enlarging completeness of fuel combustion and , as a result, significantly reduces CO content, hydrocarbons in exhaust gases of cars;
11. The reduced heating capacity of oxygenated fuels prevents superheating and prolongs motor capacity of engine;
12. Available in monomethyl ethers simplify starting engine operation in low temperature conditions.

Main characteristics are given in the box:

Indicator name

Testing results

Normative and technical documentation for test method

 1. Octane number compounding


National State Standard 511

 2. Physical configuration

Transparent liquid


 3. Density at 20°Ñ


National State Standard 3900

 4. Colour

Colourless or straw-coloured


 5. Fractional makeup:
 -Run down starting
 -10% distil over at a temperature of °Ñ
 -50% distil over at a temperature of °Ñ
 -90% distil over at a temperature of °Ñ
 -the end of the boil
 residuum in boiling flask,%
 residuum and losses, %





 National State Standard 2177

 6. Content of aromatic coalescences, %, not more than


 National State Standard 29040

 7. Mass fraction of sulfur, %


 National State Standard 19121

 8. Mass fraction of benzol, %, not more


 National State standard 29040

 9. Copper test


 National State Standard 6321

 10. Compatibility with petrol



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