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Offer your attention, new production Fluid-anticondensate developed by Company«LN», in laboratory of liquid crystals.
Desulfurization of oil products. Desulfurization of coke chemistry products.

Technology of purifying of medium and hard distillates and oil

Purifying of medium and hard distillates and oil

Technology of lowering sulfur content in hard distillates and oilstock is carried out by means of direct oxidizing of sulphur containing components with the catalyst surface.

The special role in technology plays preliminary processing of feedstock in energy catalyst, where in consequence of electromagnetic, hypersonic and range of barometric influence the processes are carrying out, similar to processes of thermolysis: one of the mechanism is breakdown of thiophene ring due to the attack of sulfur atom in the ring by residuals with the following formation of sulphide like (dibenzyl sulphide and p-bitolyl sulfide) agents.

The ready stock is delivered to the oven, where partially are carrying out cracking processings, thermolysis and hydrogenolysis, vaporizes and in vapour and gas phase is received in catalyst unit. In catalyst unit due to nanotechnological catalyst run on the process of soft oxidizing at lower temperature, that leads to disulfide formation, but not oxides, that furthermore eases extraction of sulfur containing components out of ready products. The worked out skeleton katalyst possesses enormous sorption activity, unfolded surface, thermal and chemical resistability, in combination with ability for revertible oxidizing and restoring, that stipulates its catalyst and photochemical properties.

Fundamentally as the technology was taken the technology of catalytic oxydation of sulfur organics directly in gas or liquid flows in the process of preliminary distillation similar by its mechanisms with processes of sweetening of light distillates and also runs in the transmission of flow of hydrocarbon aerosol (gas) through catalyst unit, with the following selective extraction of sulfur containing contaminants in alkaline condition [Picture №1]. For extraction is used 5% of the capacity of purifying stock by1% of alkali liquor, that is used multiplex.

technology desulfurization of oil and gas
Picture №1. Technological ground of the unit.

The gaiven technology was tested in the pilot unit. The received data on desulfurization of some products are given in tables.

The determination of mass segment of sulfur in oil and products was carried out according to the National State Standard Р 51947-2002, ASTM D 4294-98 using roentgenofluorescent energy dispersion analyzer Spectroscan S.

Table 1.

The sulfur content in fractions of preliminary prepared gas condensate with sulfur content 0,21% of mass.

Fraction Regime Intensity of oxidizing Total sulfur content in purified product
IBP-180 °С 2 70 0,004
180-EP 2 70 0,0077
IBP-180 °С 2 100 0,0051
180-EP 2 100 0,007
IBP-180 °С 1 70 0,0037
180-EP 1 70 0,0068
IBP-180 °С 3 70 0,0015
180-EP 1 70 passive heating 0,0097

Table 2.

The sulfur content in fractions of preliminary prepared gas condensate with sulfur content, 21% mass.

Diesel fuel Oxidizing intensity Total sulfur content in purified product, % mass. Extraction rate
Initial 0,218
Regime 1 70 0,0097 95,55
Regime 2 100 0,0068 96,88
Regime 3 100 0,0047 97,84
Regime 4 70 0,0024 98,89

Comparative with active technologies technologies of desulphuration the proposed process pocesses a number of advantages:

1. Simplicity and density of technology on the grounds of used in industry processes and machinery, no necessity of cardinal reequipment of running manufacture, mounting of catalytical desulfurization can be mounting in any technologically suitable place, possibility to use the technology as a basic; as well as and postpurification of products after desulfurization;

2. The technology is applicable not only for purification of oil and gas condensates, but also for ready mercaptan containing products, by means of the mounting of independent lines sweetening, including oven – unit of sweetening – unit of condensation – unit of extracting disulphides – receiver of sweetening product.

3. Installation can be made of any power, in relation to power supply of primary distillation or oven , in case of desulfurization of preliminary distillation products, and content of mercaptans in hydrocarbonaceous feedstock.

4. Capital expenditures for support sulphur removal of hydrocarbonaceous feedstock in case of the following running technological line of basic oil distillation sum 1% of total primecost of products, within terms of payback of the unit 2-3 months;

5. Little energy expenses for technological process support, following the actual technological chain;

6. Economic – lowering in 2-3 times the capacity of capital, exploitational expenses, the terms placing in operation.

Table 3.

Comparative charecteristics of the active technologies and technology of LTD "Сompany LN".

Comparative rates Active Technologies Technology of the "Company "LN""
Hardware design Adequately complicated, metal intensive. Requires optional equipment mounting. Simple diagram applicable in any technological diagram. Metall intensity is low
Energy output Energy-intensive technologies Energy charges of all kinds of resources are tiny
Capacity of reagents Great losses of reaagents and expenses for its regeneration Reagents expenses were lowered in 20-50 times
Immensity Practically nonrecoverable losses of the territory Compact
Enviromental Is accompanied by harmful emissions into atmosphere, drains, water losses. The quantity of set off pollution agents and expenses of resourses restricted to minimum

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