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Offer your attention, new production Fluid-anticondensate developed by Company«LN», in laboratory of liquid crystals.
Desulfurization of oil products. Desulfurization of coke chemistry products.

New technology of desulfurization of hydrocarbonaceous feed stock

Limited Liability Company «COMPANY «LN»
Offers the technology of hydro carbonaceous feed stock desulfurization, including oil, gas-condensates.

Generilized scheme desulfurization technology

Usage and installations of technologies in industries:

The technology is applied in industries for clearing oil and gas-condensates, and off-the-shelf sulfur-containing products, by means of independent lines of desulfurization assembling, including in its structure:


Distinction of technology:

- Simplicity and compactness of technology on the basis of the processes fulfilled in the industry and devices;
- There is no need of cardinal re-equipment of operating production;
- Installation of catalyst desulfurization could be installed in any technologically suitable place;
- Opportunity of changing basic technologies, as well as products advanced treatment after desulfurization.

The installation could be made of any capacity:

- depending on capacity of primary distillation or furnace.

- depending on capacity of primary distillation or furnace.

- for providing desulfurization of hydrocarbonaceous feed stock in case of the binding to the technological line of primary distillation of oil makes 1% of the total cost of production, in terms of installation pay back time 2-3 months;
- minimal power consumption for providing of technological process in case of the binding to the running technological chain;
- lowering in 2-3 times capacities of expensive, running expenses and terms of placing in commission.

How the technology works:

Lowering sulphur content is being carried out by means of direct conversion of sulphur organical bodies contacting with the surface of catalyst.

The nanotechnological catalyst does possible course of process of oxidation at lower temperature in a soft mode, leads to formation of disulfides, instead of oxides, further facilitates allocation of sulfur containing components from finished products.

Skeletal catalyst substantially surpass the usual in main parameters — shares of mesopores, and stipulates enormous sorption activity and spreads out surface of this material

Skeletal base material with applied on it catalyst, possessing high thermal and chemical durability, in combination with potential for revertible oxidation and restoring, provides with catalytical and photochemical properties.

As the foundation of desulfurization technology of hydrocarbonaceous feed stock was taken direct soft catalytical oxidating of sulfur organics directly in gas and liquid or gas throughflow in the process of preliminary distillation.

The process of desulfurization proceeds at a transmission of a stream of hydrocarbonaceous aerosol (gas) via the block of catalysts, from the subsequent selective extraction of oxidized sulfur-containing foreign object in alkaline solution.

The goal of project creation (technologies):

- decreasing sulphur blow-outs when using hydrocarbonaceous feed stock;
- ecological safety;
- economic and enviromental effectiveness;
- improvement of environmental condition.

Company carries out the following kinds of works:

- project working out;
- Equipment supply;
- supervisory control of Assembly Contract supervision;
- tuning up;
- promotion.

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